The “Time Aboard” Plaque Program

The SSN 777 Club is proud to honor each departing crew member, enlisted and officer, with a special memento of their time served aboard the USS North Carolina SSN 777. During a departing ceremony in Hawaii, each member is presented with a plaque made from the original teak decking of the Battleship North Carolina BB 55, reaffirming the bond of boat and state.


Affixed in the center of each plaque is a 777 coin. The plaques are inscribed with name, dates of service aboard the 777, and identification of the teak as being from BB 55.


Launching this popular program for the acquisition and production of plaques relied on the timely support of the retail store staff at the Battleship North Carolina; the skills of Chuck Dean at Fine Wood Designs; and Kids Making It, a nonprofit woodworking mentoring program in Wilmington.


It's a great feeling to let the crew know they are appreciated by their friends in North Carolina. If you would like to help support the efforts of the SSN 777 Club, please Donate here and know that your support is greatly appreciated.

ABOVE: In a 2016 ceremony, Commander Gary Montalvo presents the Time Aboard plaque to outgoing Chief of the Boat  J. R. O’Donnell.

BELOW (from left): Christopher Perrien of the SSN 777 Club; James (Jimmy) Pierce, founder and exec. director of Kids Making It; and Chuck Dean, founder of Fine Wood Designs.