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Donate to the Boat

The SSN 777 Club relies on the support of friends and shipmates who believe in our mission which is:

  • Support the morale, well-being and recreation of the USS North Carolina (SSN 777) crew and their families;

  • Encourage, advocate, and generate statewide citizen support for the USS North Carolina SSN 777 while on active duty;

  • Facilitate the purchase of the SSN 777 after it fulfills its service to our nation so that it may be preserved for educational purposes.

Your tax-deductible donations enable the SSN 777 Club to provide plaques, made of original teak wood from the decking of the Battleship North Carolina, BB-55  to departing crew members; holiday season support such as Thanksgiving meals and gift cards at Christmas Season; emergency travel support for the families as needed while the 777 is underway; UNC Tarheel athletic t-shirts for the crew to use for recreational activities; in addition to supporting the administrative and organizational tasks necessary to operate the SSN 777 Club as it fulfills its mission. 


Examples of how our donations will support the crew and their families:

  • Time Aboard 777 plaques for departing crew members made from original Battleship North Carolina teak  = $90.00

  • 150 performance-wear athletic shirts in Carolina Blue printed with “The Tarheel Boat” = $20.00 each

  • 77 tickets for UNC-Univ. of HI basketball game @ $30.00 each

  • Family Emergency Fund so that 777 Club may help when 777 on deployment = Fund goal is $2,500.00

  • 1/2 Way Boxes of personal items for distribution when deployed = $7,500.00

Donations may be made online or by mail. For online donations, the SSN 777 Club uses Paypal.

If donating by check, please write check to SSN 777 Club and mail to:

Andy Kell, Treasurer

SSN 777 Club

114 Overview Lane

Cary, NC 27511



Crew’s Galley

Amount: $77.70

Plank Owner, 

Amount: $777.00

Conning Tower

Amount: $1,770.00

Crew's Welfare & Recreation

Amount: $7,777.00+


USS North Carolina SSN 777 coin

1.75" x 1.75"

USS North Carolina SSN 777 ball cap

USS North Carolina SSN 777

Framed Official Commissioning Print

33" x 27.5"

The SSN 777 Club is a qualified 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization designated as a public charity by the IRS. All donations to the SSN 777 Club are tax deductible under IRC Section 170. Our federal tax ID # is 81-3503324.

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