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777 Change of Command: Montalvo by Lewis

I attended the January 20, 2017 Change of Command where Cdr. Matt Lewis properly relieved Cdr. Gary Montalvo. The ceremony was inspiring, fun and purposeful. One was reminded of the strength and greatness of our country when we pull together.

Here is a link to a related blog post by Cdr Montalvo. Clear why and how he earned the Admiral Stockdale Award for Leadership.

Our 777 Club looks forward to working with Commander Lewis. A prolonged period of overhaul is never easy on a crew. Good news is that Cdr. Lewis has related overhaul experience. We look forward to working with his command and want to continue to support the crew.

Photos below of Cdr. Montalvo (it is Hawaii :) and Cdr. Lewis with me. //cp

Cdr. Gary Montalvo

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