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Thrilling Partnership with UNC Men's Basketball Team

Captain Montalvo receives Tarheel gift from Eric Montross

Reenlistment Ceremony of Petty Officer John Carlos Cruz

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of UNC's Coach Roy Williams, Angie Bitting and Clint Gwaltney; Joel Matsunaga and the Events Marketing Staff at the University of Hawaii, the crew of our Tarheel Boat enjoyed several interactions with the team, coaches and staff of the visiting UNC team.

Thorough overviews of the teams visit to the Arizona Memorial, our USS North Carolina and the University of Hawaii game written by journalist, Adam Lucas, may be found here and here. A related photo gallery is here.

The crew at the University of Hawaii arranged for a pre-game re-enlistment ceremony by Petty Officer John Carlos Cruz in conjunction with the singing of the United States and Hawaiian anthems. A splendid conjunction of educational, athletic and patriotic excellence.

Of course, the 77 crew members of our North Carolina enjoyed the game and meeting members of the team afterwards.

Tarheel Boat Crew meets Tarheel Team

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